Friday, 31 August 2012

Accessorize Autumn/Winter Ad Campaign...

Advertising with lots of GLAM...

Love this new advertising campaign image by high street store Accessorize.. Love it's pretty glamorous oriental feel and use of different patterns, prints and textures.. Wonder how many shots it took for them to get everything in the correct place and looking just right?!

L xox

1. DEcO FEATHER EARRING 28124503 £8.00 2. JET VIcTORIANA cOllAR NEcKlAcE 28220103 £12.00 3. VOlcANIc BlING lONG PENDANT 28221103 £14.00 4. FlORAl SEQUIN ZIP TOP clUTcH 28913081 £20.00 5. TIGER ENAMEl & cRYSTAl BANGlE SET OF 2 28411803 £12.00 6. SOlAR GEM RING 28506908 £10.00 7. SEQUIN AND lAcE FAN 2998760308 £5.00 8. JET & cRYSTAl STRETcH BRAcElET 28412203 £12.00 9. BEJEWEllED ANIMAl RING 28502520 £10.00 10. EMBEllISHED WRIST STRAP clUTcH 28918003 £16.00
1. BlINGY lEOPARD RING 28507608 £14.00 2. lUcKY RING 28505181 £6.00 3. AMAZING PHOEBE EMBEllISHED HARDcASE clUTcH 28927003 £45.00 4. BEJEWEllED BUG RING 28503008 £9.00 5. NEPTUNE METAl GEM RING 28501781 £7.00 6. GIANT JEWEl cUFF 28408703 £12.00
1. lATINO EXTRA lARGE HOOP 28114281 £5.00 2. WRAPAROUND SERPENT NEcKlAcE 28220781 £12.00 3. lEOPARD HEAD lONG PENDANT 28218981 £12.00 4. MIXED INDIAN BANGlE SET OF 18 28402781 £8.00 5. NEPTUNE METAl GEM RING 28501781 £7.00 6. TASSEl ZIP TOP clUTcH 28908703 £12.00 7. cHINOISE EMBROIDERED PHOENIX clUTcH 28929503 £38.00 8. WRAPAROUND SERPENT BRAcElET 28415781 £8.00

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ralph Lauren Fashion For Kids

One Word For This - ADORE...

Absolutely adore this advertising shot of this little boy for Ralph Lauren. The styling is just amazing!! Would LOVE to dress my little man like this.. How super cool would he be??!!

L xox

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Florence And The Machines At Leeds Festival 2012

Florence Fashion...

Florence was rocking the fashion flag last weekend when I saw her at Leeds Festival.. She looked gorgeous in her black lace maxi dress from the Marina Qureshi AW12 collection with her fiery red hair.. I heart her style!!

L xox

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Lotta Love For This - Preview Interview Magazine

Lotta Love For This..

I love this editorial preview by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott for Interview Magazine.

Looks like an old fashioned art deco styled painting, so sexy and elegant at the same time!! I would love to have this on my living room wall...

L xox

Contemporary Jewellery by the fabulous Shimell & Madden...

The Cuboid Collection...

I came across this beautiful contemporary styled jewellery the other day, designed by artistic mathematical duo designers, Shimell and Madden of London. Their latest collection is called The Cuboid Collection and as you can see, it's based around the simple shape of a 3D cube, with their inspiration being to; capturing simple symbols of dimension and perspective. 

Based in Shoreditch, East London, Shimell and Madden occupy the space where craft, art and fashion intersect. Makers of jewellery and objects, they explore ideas of science and time. Their geometric style has a sense of balanced beauty, defined by its aesthetic precision and sensitivity to material.
Shimell and Madden also create private commission work for people and continuously work with photographers, creating large fashion pieces for photo shoots. With some recent work being showcased in the August 2012 issue of Mayfair Magazine

I myself, particularly love the simple shape and structure of each piece with its parallel lines and clean geometric shapes; they remind me of a modern day art deco inspiration brought into the modern day era through 3D designs.
You can see more of their amazing work at Shimell and Madden with their brand new collection launching before Christmas and an exclusive gold and diamond collection launching early next year. Shimell and Madden also have an exciting new website in the making with plans for customers to be able to purchased items direct from them online.

For now though, The Cuboid Collection is exclusively on sale until 2nd September at The Metric Summer Shop, 94 Columbia Road, London, E2 7QB.

L xox

Monday, 27 August 2012

Gola Collaborates with Liberty... S/S 2013

Women's Liberty for Gola Trainers...

Can't quite believe I'm already talking about next Summer but here's a look at Gola's Spring/Summer 2013 collaboration with Liberty Art Fabric.. Love the classic retro Gola design mixed with the pretty colourful prints.. Betsy, Melly and Pepper are available next Spring/Summer '13 making us very excited for next year already!!

L xox




Lust for Leather - Autumn/Winter 2012

Lust for Leather...

I purchased a leather biker jacket from Asos around 7 years ago now and OH MY has it had its fair share of wear.. I think I have worn it around this time of year, every single year since then.. It has taken me from one trend to another and is probably one of the most versatile things in my wardrobe. I do still love it, like the day that I purchased it.. And if I'm honest, I'll probably still wear it in 10 years time if it fits me.

This article below shows some fantastic leather pieces available on the high street this Autumn/Winter.. I absolutely love the main picture of the model wearing the leather dress by Autograph at Marks and Spencers for the great price of £69. Love how it is styled with the extra long gloves and sexy black ankle boots, making it look more high end designer than high street fix.

As this article highlights, leather is still going to be in high demand this Autumn/Winter and I'm a great believer that if you buy leather garments that are basic and not too overly fancy. They can be a really good investment to your wardrobe collection and something that you can easily slot into a range of different Autumn/Winter trends that can still be worn year after year. Leather has been around for such a long long time and it looks like it's here to stay... Yay!!

L xox

The Big XXX Jumper Dress!!

New Jumper Dress by Matalan..

It's soon going to be that time of year again when we are begrudgingly reaching for our warm chunky knitwear, as the ever so predictable cold British Winter time finally sets in.. However, being warm can also be cool and fashionable.. And this amazing jumper dress by Matalan is the perfect piece to add to your Autumn/Winter wardrobe. I love it's oversized monochrome feel and cool retro pop XXX logo. Mix it up with these amazing bright blue suede boots by Ravel for an Edie Sedgwick 60's vibe..

Available this Autumn/Winter at Matalan and Ravel

L xox

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Menswear for Primark Autumn/Winter 2012

Suited and Booted...

Love these... Here is a selection of snaps from Primark's Autumn/Winter '12 menswear range.. Who'd of thought things could be so dapper on the high street!!

L xox

Jacket £35 available August, Waistcoat £12 available August, Shirt £10 available October, Chinos £10 available June and Boots £18 available August.

Suit Jacket £30 available August, Suit Trousers £15 available August, Fair Isle Vest £10 available July, Check Shirt £6 available June, Tie £2 available June and Boots £15 available August.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A/W 2012 - Metallic Jaquard

Shine Your Way Into Next Season..

One trend I am very excited about for Autumn/Winter 2012 is the jacquard metallics trend.. It seems wearing a sequin dress, skirt or top is just not enough anymore and a clashing of textures and prints, including metallics and jacquard is the way to shine shine shine this Autumn/Winter. I purchased myself a jacquard jacket from H and M in the sale last week and now I can't wait to whip it out for a clashing!! This article below shows a selection of high street must haves available in stores this Autumn/Winter... Especially love the baroque high waist shorts by River Island £30.

L xox

HOT PINK by Michael Kors...

Passionate Pink...

Love this hot pink fitted dress by designer Michael Kors... I believe that everyone should wear more colour and this is the perfect dress to take you from day to night!! Love it!!

L xox

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Do It Yourself - STUDS

Stud Yourself Silly..

Why pay more for fashion when you can do it yourself and feel the creative reward.. I decided to buy some do-it-yourself studs and collar tips off Ebay this week, as I have loads of plain shirts/tshirts/dresses I can easily customise.. The studs and collar tips cost me around £5 for over a 100 pieces, which is alot less than paying for a garment with the studs already in place!! It's a great way of customising your own things and you get to decide where you would like the studs to be, so you can create your own simple or more extravagant designs.. I particularly like studs on bags at the moment and I have a little denim number from American Apparel that I'm going stud up next!! :)

L xox

Monday, 20 August 2012

Pink To Make The Boys Wink - Warehouse Special

Pink To Make The Boys Wink...

Warehouse have designed this gorgeous pale pink pleated midi dress inspired by the vintage 1920's Charlestown girl era.. Team this with pretty embellished jewellery; vintage inspired earrings and a small  beaded clutch to add that instant party girl glamour!! Perfect for any last minute weddings you might be attending this Autumn or if you would like to shop early for your seasonal party dress!!

Available this Autumn/Winter at Warehouse for £70

L xox

Leeds Festival This Weekend... What To Wear??

Leeds Festival Virgin...

I can't wait to go to Leeds Festival this weekend.. It's my first ever time at the festival and I've heard a lot of crazy stories of just how "Rock N Roll" it can be.. My boyfriend and I love The Black Keys, so we're really excited to kick off the weekend with them on the Friday and to see The Cure who we were lucky enough to see last month at Optimus Alive festival in Portugal. They did a whopping 3 hour set of all their classics and we lurrrvvvvveed it!!  

Not forgetting to plan my festival wardrobe this time after my disaster last weekend.. Here are a few of my favourites festival must haves below... Wonder if I'll need my wellies this time?!

L xox

Jacket in brick by Forever 21 £24.75

Camouflage jeans by Asos £35.00

Burgundy lace up boots by Topshop £40

Silver necklace by Urban Outfitters £24

Soul Cal Deluxe Aztec Shirt from Republic £35

Crafted Cropped Ribbed T-Shirt by Republic £8

Wool Knee socks by H and M £6.99

Denim rucksack by River Island £30

Attez scarf/shawl by Matalan £10

Silver ring by RiverIsland £4

Saturday, 18 August 2012

A Fashionista's Barmy Army...

Army Style Girl...

Seems like every girl in Manchester is wearing an army jacket these days.. The trend has caught on massively over the last few weeks and whilst people watching the other day, it was just like watching a fashion army of girls congregate in the fashionable city. I too have been wearing my leather armed designer copy from Primark, as seen below and have been stopped by hundreds (well not hundreds but quite a few people) to ask where it was from... Well, it was Primark and a steal at £25!!

L xox

Friday, 17 August 2012

My Most Wanted Steve Madden Studded Ankle Boots..

Steve Madden...

Check out these amazing stud buckle ankle boots by designer Steve Madden.. Bringing that special something to your grunge styled outfit... I'm totally in love!!!!

Available to purchase this Autumn/Winter here at Steve Madden

L xox

Parlux Best Kept Eco Friendly Beauty Secret....

Parlux 3800 Hair Dryer..

So I thought I needed to spread the word a little about my new Parlux 3800 hair dryer. It is truly.. AMAZING and I can't believe I've only just invested in one of these!! It blow dries my hair perfectly straight in minutes and I can sleep on it over night and still wake up with silky straight hair.. WOW what an invention!! Oh how I wish I would have had you for the last year, waking up next to my boyfriend looking more like Doc from Back To The Future!! :) 

It is eco friendly too because of its 2100W K Lamination motor, which reduces drying time and saves energy and it is made from recycled materials.. So you're doing your bit for the environment too!!

I purchased my purple one from UK Hairdressers for £82.95. They do a range of different colours and at the moment you get a free mini hair straightener included too. I would definitely recommend this hair dyer as one of the best I have used.

I hope you like it too!! :)

L xox

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fashion Illustration by the fabulous Sarah Fuller!! An illustrator's dream...

Fashion Illustration At It's Best...

My lovely little friend Sarah Fuller has just started selling her fabulous fashion illustrations on and WOW how amazing they are!! Inspired by art, photography and fashion, Sarah has a real talent for unique fashion illustration and I think she'll go far... Not just a creative and energetic soul, Sarah is a highly acclaimed academic in her own right too. She studied her undergraduate degree in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada where she double majored in photography and printmaking, whilst also completing a thesis in fashion photography. She 
graduated in May 2000 with a First Class Honours Degree in BFA Honours and then went onto do an MA in Fine Arts at Brighton University. 

Talking to Sarah about her inspirations and aspirations, it is clear to see her enthusiasm about illustrating;

"I have always loved sketching and drawing, and luckily always been very good at it. A basic skill, that I never really thought about making a living from until recently. Illustration has always been a starting point for me, when putting together a photograph, or story boarding a narrative to be used creatively. It was the work of David Downtown which caught my eye, and I knew thats what I wanted to do. I knew I could do it. So I began looking into his work, and learning about his skills and his journey. I bought every book on fashion illustration I could find, and immersed myself in the discipline. I looked at styles, compositions and styles. My work is all hand drawn, no digital rendering, just photoshop to transfer the images digitally when needed. And this is what I love about illustration. It is so pure, you can create a illustration on the back of a napkin, on the back of an envelope, on a bus receipt... I love the immediacy of the image. You dont have to work in a team, its all about me."
Sarah is an inspiration to everyone working hard to shape a career within the fashion industry. With her unique passion for work and creativity as a whole, it is clear that Sarah has found her niche in life...
"Fashion illustration to me, is all about capturing an energy, taking something beautiful and interpreting it in your own words intmakingusing line and colour. I love to incorporate pattern and textiles into my images, as the detail draws you in, it can be so delicate, yet the figure can be cold and harsh. I am still learning all the time, and draw over and over again to create images which I feel are successful. My aim is to wake up one day and make a living from my art. That dream is getting closer, but still so much hard work to do, but I know it will happen. I believe it can happen!"

To purchase some of Sarah's amazing work, please go to and type in:


Or you can visit Sarah's blog for updates on her latest work at;

Here are some of Sarah's fabulous designs... What a talent this lady has, I hope you will help share her work and get the notice she so truly deserves!!

L xox

Monday, 13 August 2012

My surprise Street Style Shot - Blur @ Hyde Park

I went to see Blur perform at Hyde Park this weekend and was stopped by Elle Magazine, whom wanted to take a picture of the outfit I was wearing. I was quite surprised by this, as my dress was a last minute impulse buy from Topshop earlier that morning. This was due to my lack of weather precision bag packing before I left Manchester for London. Well, being a Northern girl, I am used to dressing daily for a heavy bout of rain and not really checking the weather forecast before I left, I assumed it would be raining in London too. However, to my surprise, the sun was shining as if I was at a music festival in Europe and I quickly needed to exchange my army jacket and Hunter wellies for a delectable white Summer dress!! It just shows you that sometimes when you're not feeling your fashionable, organised self, you can still look pretty on the eye to others...

Dress is available at Topshop for £42.

For full article, please click here.

L xox

Saturday, 11 August 2012

JJB Sports Advertising Job...

JJB Sports...

Just spotted a JJB Sports advertisement that I styled in this weeks Look Magazine... It's funny when you see the pictures you have been working on for the first time in a magazine, real sense of achievement!!

The ad was shot by the very talented photographer Klas Strom.

L xox

Friday, 10 August 2012

The Libertarian Hat Designs by Jayne Elwell...

The Libertarian...

A lovely little friend of mine introduced me to an amazing hat designer called Jayne Elwell who works under the name of The Libertarian. 

Jayne’s work has been featured in publications such as The Telegraph, the Times, Company magazine, ITV’s This Morning and Although it was Ladies Day at Ascot Races in 2011 that Jayne's designs really got noticed. She was seen in national newspapers and received global press coverage with The Independent newspaper declaring it "A day for the birds". Since then Jayne has been asked to do a number of commissions and design exclusive collections for Rock N Rose.

You can see some of Jayne's amazing designs at;

I love the vintage 1920's inspired ones the best and hope to be able to use these ones in a shoot one day.. But for now, here is a sneak peak at some of the ones from Ascot Ladies Day 2011..

Fabulous Design-Your-Own Mel Boteri Handbags!!

Mel Boteri Handbags...

I have just been introduced to a unique brand of bags called Mel Boteri. They specialize in high-end, custom fashion accessories for both women and for men. Their collection includes clutch bags, small, mid-size and large sized handbags for both women and men. Each bag has several style choices including options for different accessories, including pockets and handles. A customer can select a style they like, he or she can then choose from premium European components including fine leathers and hardware. They currently offer calf-skin, patent and suede leathers, with each available in various colors and prints as well as all hardware in either a gold or silver finish!! What a great idea for customers to create their very own one-of-a-kind bag. 

More of Mel Boteri's amazing bags can be viewed here at 
The Bag Servant where they are offering their readers 20% off Mel's collection with the voucher code BagServant20

Here are two of my absolute favourites that I've just seen online.. Luxury handbags designed by you - Get them whilst you can!! :)

Mel Boteri Winston - £370

Mel Boteri Chocolate Mint Boteri Tote - £544

L xox

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mundo - New Vintage Inspired Sportswear Brand As Seen On Top British Musicians!!!


Mundo is a new vibrant brand that has recently been launched to the high street through House of Fraser. It is a range of football inspired fashion that has recently been seen on various musicians including, The Vaccines and Kid British. The brand has also been used in the new Shane Meadows film about The Stone Roses comeback into the music industry and was chosen because of it's true vintage look, it was used in the scene that recreates their famous 1990 Spike Island gig!! With Mundo being supported by such recognised bands, I don't think it will be too long before we see the typical British indie kid sporting a Mundo t-shirt or two!! With it's fresh and innovative designs, I think Mundo will be the brand to watch over the next few months...

Mundo is available now at House Of Fraser or online at;

Here is a selection of my favourite pieces by Mundo...

Invincibles Tee

Retro Space Invaders 4-4-2 Formation

Retro Foosball Advert

L xox