Sunday, 9 October 2011

I HEART Paris...

Oh La La Paris..

I was lucky enough to be shooting in Paris last week - my favourite European city!! Love the architecture, the ambience, the style, the shopping, the food.. Everything!! It really is such a romantic city and if I could speak French I would love to live there!! Here are some more shots of my time in Paris.... Hope you like them.. With love..

L xox

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Oh la la... Paris!!!!!!

Je t'aime Paris!!

The location is Paris this week.... How I LOVE this city with all my heart!!!! So much culture around every corner, the buildings, the cafe's, the food, the French accent.. Its all just so adorable!! I could definitely live here, riding my bycicle around the city for a picnic in the park with some red wine and French cheese.. Ahh the bliss!!

Paris also has some of the most classic and contemporary dressed people in the world and what a joy they are to look at.... The perfect city for people watching.. Well, some of the best designers to ever grace the earth originate from France and I really can see why, with such ambience and inspiration around you at every turn, what's not to be inspired.. Hopefully I'll get to do some shopping before the shoot is over. Here's a wee look at some of the interesting little things I have seen this week with more to follow... J'espère que vous les aimez!!!!

L xox