Friday, 27 April 2012


Free People Advertising Campaign..

The weather may be wet wet wet outside, but I'm still on the search for my Summer time wardrobe.. Urban Outfitters stock a wide range of Free People clothing; the quirky American brand... However, now you can buy direct from their website as they now do UK shipping!! Have a look at the great selection of clothing, especially some of their gorgeous Summer dresses.. I keep trying to send out positive Sunshine thoughts, so perhaps this blog will also have a positive effect on the weather... Come on sunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!! We want to wear some summer clothes!!! 

Available at:

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

French Connection Menswear Marketing Shots.. What's going on here then?!

What The FCUK???

Here are some of the FCUK Marketing shots I have been working on recently.. I know they are a little bit bonkers but aren't all FCUK marketing campaigns recently?! Guess they know how to attract your attention!! Hope you like..

L xox

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Men's Wear Shoot with Lacoste...

Fun with Lacoste...

Here are some pics of a shoot that I did with Lacoste Menswear clothing.. It was shot back in January now and seems so long ago!! But as they say.. Time flies when you're having fun hey?! Have a look at my website for more updated pics!! :O)

L xox

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Sunny side up - Sunglasses!!!


Today I made a note to myself...... Invest in a really cool pair of sunglasses!!!! Whilst again searching the internet, I came across this image from Elle Magazine and I absolutely love it... Oversized neon circular sunglasses!! Quirky, retro and highly unique... How else would you be seen this Summer?! Great thing about fashion is that you can make it your own.. Adding a quirky pair of sunnies to any outfit is the perfect way to stamp your style!!!

These are designer but they have some fabulous copies in pink and tortoise shell in primark!!!!

Love love love...

L xox

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Festival Styling Pics - Coachella Inspired...

Festival Styling...

Here are some more Coachella inspired Festival Fashion Pics.. Oh I cannot wait for some Summertime fun in the sun!!! Absolutely love the bohemian laid back style... Floppy hats, rustic colours, floaty kaftans, aztec prints mixed with floral prints, friendship bands, fringing, crochet knits, plaits in your hair and a battered satchel bag. If only the UK music festivals were guaranteed looked like this!!!

L xox

Friday, 13 April 2012

Shoes shoes and more shoes!!!!!!

Shoe Envy...

Lots and lots of shoes and no clothes to shoot yet!!!!! Every girl would be in shoe heaven here!!

That reminds me... I need some Summer sandals!! :O)
L xox

Friday, 6 April 2012

Pink hair... Would you?!

Pinky or Perky??

I'm not too sure about pink hair...?! I love to wear pink but I'm not sure how I'd feel with a permanent fixture to the head?! Katy Perry loves to change the colour of her locks and I must admit she carries it off quite well... This pic here that I've just posted is another great example of how it can look amazing!!

I'm probably about as pale as this model here but somehow I don't know how I would carry it off in terms of my wardrobe styling.. It would definitely mean that you could only wear certain things. I don't think a rich emerald green would somehow quite go.. Maybe I'm wrong and you're the type to like clashing colours with your pink hair?! I myself think it would look quite pretty with all the pastel coloured trends that are big right now.. The perfect compliment to candy coloured dresses with ice cream prints?!

L xox