Friday, 6 April 2012

Pink hair... Would you?!

Pinky or Perky??

I'm not too sure about pink hair...?! I love to wear pink but I'm not sure how I'd feel with a permanent fixture to the head?! Katy Perry loves to change the colour of her locks and I must admit she carries it off quite well... This pic here that I've just posted is another great example of how it can look amazing!!

I'm probably about as pale as this model here but somehow I don't know how I would carry it off in terms of my wardrobe styling.. It would definitely mean that you could only wear certain things. I don't think a rich emerald green would somehow quite go.. Maybe I'm wrong and you're the type to like clashing colours with your pink hair?! I myself think it would look quite pretty with all the pastel coloured trends that are big right now.. The perfect compliment to candy coloured dresses with ice cream prints?!

L xox

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