Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Do It Yourself - STUDS

Stud Yourself Silly..

Why pay more for fashion when you can do it yourself and feel the creative reward.. I decided to buy some do-it-yourself studs and collar tips off Ebay this week, as I have loads of plain shirts/tshirts/dresses I can easily customise.. The studs and collar tips cost me around £5 for over a 100 pieces, which is alot less than paying for a garment with the studs already in place!! It's a great way of customising your own things and you get to decide where you would like the studs to be, so you can create your own simple or more extravagant designs.. I particularly like studs on bags at the moment and I have a little denim number from American Apparel that I'm going stud up next!! :)

L xox

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