Thursday, 16 August 2012

Fashion Illustration by the fabulous Sarah Fuller!! An illustrator's dream...

Fashion Illustration At It's Best...

My lovely little friend Sarah Fuller has just started selling her fabulous fashion illustrations on and WOW how amazing they are!! Inspired by art, photography and fashion, Sarah has a real talent for unique fashion illustration and I think she'll go far... Not just a creative and energetic soul, Sarah is a highly acclaimed academic in her own right too. She studied her undergraduate degree in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada where she double majored in photography and printmaking, whilst also completing a thesis in fashion photography. She 
graduated in May 2000 with a First Class Honours Degree in BFA Honours and then went onto do an MA in Fine Arts at Brighton University. 

Talking to Sarah about her inspirations and aspirations, it is clear to see her enthusiasm about illustrating;

"I have always loved sketching and drawing, and luckily always been very good at it. A basic skill, that I never really thought about making a living from until recently. Illustration has always been a starting point for me, when putting together a photograph, or story boarding a narrative to be used creatively. It was the work of David Downtown which caught my eye, and I knew thats what I wanted to do. I knew I could do it. So I began looking into his work, and learning about his skills and his journey. I bought every book on fashion illustration I could find, and immersed myself in the discipline. I looked at styles, compositions and styles. My work is all hand drawn, no digital rendering, just photoshop to transfer the images digitally when needed. And this is what I love about illustration. It is so pure, you can create a illustration on the back of a napkin, on the back of an envelope, on a bus receipt... I love the immediacy of the image. You dont have to work in a team, its all about me."
Sarah is an inspiration to everyone working hard to shape a career within the fashion industry. With her unique passion for work and creativity as a whole, it is clear that Sarah has found her niche in life...
"Fashion illustration to me, is all about capturing an energy, taking something beautiful and interpreting it in your own words intmakingusing line and colour. I love to incorporate pattern and textiles into my images, as the detail draws you in, it can be so delicate, yet the figure can be cold and harsh. I am still learning all the time, and draw over and over again to create images which I feel are successful. My aim is to wake up one day and make a living from my art. That dream is getting closer, but still so much hard work to do, but I know it will happen. I believe it can happen!"

To purchase some of Sarah's amazing work, please go to and type in:


Or you can visit Sarah's blog for updates on her latest work at;

Here are some of Sarah's fabulous designs... What a talent this lady has, I hope you will help share her work and get the notice she so truly deserves!!

L xox

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