Friday, 17 August 2012

Parlux Best Kept Eco Friendly Beauty Secret....

Parlux 3800 Hair Dryer..

So I thought I needed to spread the word a little about my new Parlux 3800 hair dryer. It is truly.. AMAZING and I can't believe I've only just invested in one of these!! It blow dries my hair perfectly straight in minutes and I can sleep on it over night and still wake up with silky straight hair.. WOW what an invention!! Oh how I wish I would have had you for the last year, waking up next to my boyfriend looking more like Doc from Back To The Future!! :) 

It is eco friendly too because of its 2100W K Lamination motor, which reduces drying time and saves energy and it is made from recycled materials.. So you're doing your bit for the environment too!!

I purchased my purple one from UK Hairdressers for £82.95. They do a range of different colours and at the moment you get a free mini hair straightener included too. I would definitely recommend this hair dyer as one of the best I have used.

I hope you like it too!! :)

L xox

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