Sunday, 8 August 2010

Holidays & Festivals - The British Way!

Festival Fashion...

Well July has been a busy month for me in term of holidays!!!! I went to the beautiful Island of Ibiza at the start of the month with my wannabe superstar DJ boyfriend and then to the FIB Music Festival in Benicassim, Spain with my beautiful girls friends. Both were amazing holidays and was just what I needed after working so hard the months before!! I love all the preparation before a big holiday, its all the usuals.. Swimwear, check. Sunglasses, check. Beachbag, check. Cover up, check. But I also love buying the staple items that make up my Summer wardrobe and blissfully arranging them into outfits, hanging them on my wardrobe doors and laying them neatly on my bed... How sad!! You'd think I would get bored of shopping as my styling job consists of quite alot of shopping on a day to day basis.. But nope, I didn't and as the holiday season begins, I'm first to step foot in the gym, frantically trying to tone up haha!! Then onto the shops to buy the first thing thats always on the top of my list... An extravagant Summer hat!! (This year it was Topshop's navy and cream large brim hat with cut out head section - I've always wanted one of these since I was 7 years old and saw Kylie wearing one on the front of her 1988 album cover 'Kylie') Also, without doubt a must have for me.. An amazing swimsuit ( I just cant bare to wear a bikini anymore and there are so many fabulous swimsuits to choose from out there, I just can't seem to resist!! Just look at some of these beauties... )

This year my staple pieces were geared towards a more festival feel. White cotton boho tops, denim shorts, cropped tees and as always.. A vintage inspired dress!! These carried me through daytime events such as the Zoo Project and DC10 in Ibiza to sitting on the gravel watching Vampire Weekend at Benicassim. There is so much I love about going on holiday in terms of fashion. Once I'm there, people watching is my absolute favourite pass time and I love to see what outfits others have put together for their very own holiday haven!! I think you can always spot a Brit from the outfits they're wearing. British Summer style has become very relaxed and breezy. With the high street doing so many cool Summer pieces now, its not hard to find the things you like in a second of walking through Topshop or shopping online at Asos!! Ibiza is a great place to get fashion inspiration because of the many different Europeans that holiday there. The music scene brings alot of fashion forward people together smoozing around some of the most talked about beach bars and clubs in the whole of Europe!!

I found it absolutely fascinating that out of the 10 girls I went with to Benicassim, all of whom shop mainly on the high street. Each one of us had our own individual style that was perfect for the laid back setting of the festival. We most definitely shop in the same places so God knows how none of us bought the same things!! I suppose that's the beauty of the high street, that it is so fast at turning around fashion and there is so much choice!! Although It's always quite funny when you spot two girls that have just noticed that they are wearing the same dress!! How they react to that situation can either make things really embarrassing or quite liberating to know someone likes what you're wearing!! It's happened to me on a couple of ocassions and I have always given the thumbs up and complimented them on their esqusit taste :O)

I know everyone says this about Alexa but she rarely gets it wrong when it comes to being individual. Just by choosing a quirky pair of shoes or adding a vintage hat or unusual scarf to her particularly ordinary style. Makes her stand out from the crowd and be the first on the fashion pages of all the mags!! Well, its not just the odd accessory that makes her the style icon that she is, I think the pretty face, soft no nonsense hair and legs that go on forever, also play a part on how she pulls things off so easily and looks so great in what she wears!! Ahh well we can only but dream........

L xox

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