Wednesday, 14 October 2009

I Love Street Style!!

Fashion On The Street...

The one place I love to look for fashion influences are fashion features on street style. There's something about looking at real people photographed in the street. I suppose it's because its real in some way, because it is being worn by real people and not models. People from every walk of life, with different disposable incomes, creating their own unique styles from what they can find and most importantly what they can afford. I think that's what I love about British style, anything goes really. I love how we mix and match items to create a look thats different from any other. One thing I love about going out with my friends and going to music events is people watching and seeing what people are wearing. I find it soooo exciting and if I think someone looks nice then I am never to shy to tell them!!!

I love this Liverpool based street style website!!

There is soooo much to look at on there and it's great for if you're having a fashion block and need a little bit of inspiration!! 

This is my favourite because it is so different to what you see on the street everyday.. There's alot more to see on the website, so take a look..

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