Sunday, 11 October 2009

Vintage Clothing Auctions by Kerry Taylor

Kerry Taylor Auctions...

One of my good friends Keeley, told me about this fantastic website for amazing vintage clothing. It's an auction site that specialising in antique vintage fashion and textiles. I just love sieving through the different lots, seeing the most beautiful evening dresses, shoes and accessories a girl would die for!! My favourite vintage era has to be Art Deco 1920's.. Oh those Charleston girls knew how to dress!! I would love to get my hands on an original 1920's flapper dress one day, perhaps for my wedding :) I think it's amazing how these things still exist and it's definitely where a lots of designers get their inspiration today.

Have a look at this site:

One of my favourite pieces on here has to be, the vintage 60's silver Paco Rabanne dress!! Very Kylie Minogue!!

Lot 213, June 10 2008, a rare Paco Rabanne chain-linked armour-plate mini dress, 1967, sold for £9,000

Enjoy looking through the vintage shelves...

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  1. I love This blog ever!

    Actually I'm a fashion stylist with huge for clothes, and i love vintage more unique shoes and sandals, I love styling and i want to break it out the fashion comfort zone.

    Thank you for posting this blog.