Thursday, 23 September 2010

Fashion Clothes Swap Frenzie!!!

Swap That Dress For Something Special...

I went to my first clothes swap party at the weekend.. And WOW was I impressed!! I must admit I was abit aprehensive before I went. I'm quite protective over my clothes and handing them over to the lovely girl behind the desk was a hard task for me complete!! All kinds of things were going through my head.. Do I really want to give them away? Am I going to miss them? Will I wear them again one day? Will I find anything good enough that I like? Am I going to regret this? The good thing was I was pleasantly surprised!! I took some of my old vintage numbers down to The Shipping Forecast in Liverpool and managed to swap them for some high street beauties!! There was a big choice in items, vintage, high street, designer, shoes, jewellry and accessories and all were in excellent condition.

The girls that organised the event were from the fashion website and they were really helpful and enthusiastic when it came to swapping the clothes. They gave me a good price swap for my items and told me that if I didn't find anything I could keep my points and use them online or at another event.. Phew!! I wasn't going to be left with something I didn't really like!! I'd definitely recommend a fashion swap party and might even try to organise one myself soon. The perfect thing about them is that you can swap your clothes amongst your friends. Everyone has things in their wardrobe that they're either bored of, don't fit into anymore or have never even worn because it was definitely a spur of the moment buy that you knew at the time you should not have bought!!

Well as the famous saying says.. One man's tat is another man's treasure!!! And in the case, it really was true!!!! :O)

L xox

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