Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Launch Of The Lucky West New T-Shirt Brand...

Lucky Lucky West...

Whilst prepping for more of my shoots, I came across this lovely little t-shirt brand called Lucky West.. It's a relatively new UK based brand with a 50's Americana theme. Made from the best quality cotton and with a prestige preppy look, Lucky West stocks a range of men's high quality print and embroidered t-shirts in a range of vintage colours.

The inspiration behind the t-shirt brand is passionate yet romantic in ways..

"The idea and the name Lucky West came about, after an inspired trip down the west coast of America. I wanted to capture that vintage feel from the America of old, think back to 1950’s Vegas and all its glamour and the cool diners that were spread across the states. I also fell in love with the designs of the old style neon signs, which are sadly a dying art form now. I was adamant though that the clothes had to be finished off with fine detailed tailoring, and then washed to give a super soft feel."

Here are some of my favourite pieces from the collection, you are able to purchase these and more from their complete range at Lucky West 

L xox

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