Friday, 8 June 2012

Great British Design - GOLA CLASSICS

Gola Classics and the start of Euro 2012!!

I just love these classic sports pieces by Gola in traditional British red, white and blue.. It was first launched in Britain in 1905, making it over a 100 years old, quite an achievement considering all of the major political things that have happened since then!!

Over the many years that they have been trading, Gola have produced a variety of football and rugby boots that have developed throughout the years in both style and technology!! Their history is quite unique, with sports hero's from across the decades helping to shape a new era in the development of the Gola brand. From Shanky's Liverpool football team wearing them to play in 1965-66 to tennis Player Mark Cox launching his own Gola collection in 1974. These are just some of the sports players that have helped expose the Gola brand throughout the UK and the world.

With football Euro 2012 starting tonight, what better way to wear your true British colours and support the England team!! It's is also a great excuse to delve right back into the retro sports style us Brits tend to love!! 

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