Sunday, 4 October 2009

New To Fashion Blogging!!

My Fashion Blog...

Well, it has to be said that I am new to this blogging lark!! Don't get me wrong, I've heard that it's the new 'in' thing to do.. Expressing yourself and your opinions, informing everyone of what your doing, letting people read your inner most thoughts, whilst you creative write your little heart out. To say the least, I'm a little skeptical that anyone at all would ever want to read mine. But I suppose anyone that knows me, knows that I can talk. Oh boy can I talk and there have been plenty of times I've woken up with a devilish hangover (I say devilish, as I believe the devil does actually come up to earth and takes me down to hell for the day and leaves me on what feels like deaths door!!) Well, lets put it like this, I open my eyes and think, "God, what was I talking about last night? And to who to?"

Well anyway.. Apparently blogs, especially fashion blogs are a fashion researchers heaven for seeking out new talent and inspiration. It's where the big people at the top are now searching for ideas and new concepts when forecasting and developing fashion trends. It's all about reaching the everyday people on the street, those that walk, talk and breathe fashion!! We've all seen the digi-snaps on street style and how 'ordinary' people on the street are creating their very own looks and trends. So I suppose blogging is a way of actually capturing what those people think about the fashion industry as a whole!!

It's opened a brand new network chanel to fashion creatives all around the World, and with fashion being a Worldwide phenomena, it's essential for companies to reach new heights with different fashion perspectives and influences. So much has already been done, and re-done in all respects!! That people need to find new things to keep the sacred fashion life fresh and new. It's true, the fashion world is a crazy place, there are so many people trying to get into it in one way or another that sometimes it can be really tough. Believe me, I've been there!! So every little helps in the industry and blogging is another way of expressing your creativity and basically becoming a fashion editor in your own right!! All your own thoughts, feelings, ideas brought together on your very own blog page. Hmmm the more I'm writing this, the more I'm liking the idea!! :O) This could be the start of something beautiful. Now lets see what I can pull out of the bag....

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